Beginners Nail Art Course Outline


The nail art basics lasts one day. It is not necessary to have a model.



-Introduction to nail art

-Utensils for nail art

-Using nail art brushes, preparation and trimming of brushes

-Nail art  products from alessandro and their uses: colour gels, lac sensation, glitter gels, acrylic paints, etc

-creating a design

-price calculation



-Demonstration of tips and finishing by participants

-Colour gradients with colour gels (ombre)

-Colour gradients with glitter gels

-wet-on-wet technique (marbling, flaming)

-Wet-on-dry technique (abstract and flowers)

-Adding nail art (e.g. glitter, stones)

-Animal prints


Price of Nail Art Basic Seminar: $125.00


Included in the price of the seminar:

Working materials needed during the seminar

certification of attendance

Business Hours


Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Sat-Sun- Closed



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