Make it Better 1 Day Intensive Course

Improve your skills !

Customized training to iron out your problems.

Make it better                                            1 Day


Plan the success of your salon- alessandro international will support you in the successful development of your salon.


With this seminar we will grant you greater insight into the alessandro world and give you countless tips for applying the various techniques.


While you are working intensively on the model, we will discuss and offer solutions to problems which can arise in the everyday situation of the salon.


For whom is this intended?


You can attend the seminar “Make it better” at any time during your training as a nail stylist. To continually challenge yourself to improve, it makes sense to attend this seminar more then once.


Price of seminar Make it Better: 125.00 per student

Business Hours


Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Sat-Sun- Closed



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