alessandro Beginners Nail Stylist Course Outline

Overview of training program:


Day 1 Theory

-General Hygiene

-Overview of nail design techniques & explanation of corresponding tools

-Information about the chemicals used and the composition of the product

-Overview of the UV gel products, information on specific devices

-Nail enhancement techniques in salon

-Preparing the natural nail

-Tip technique for extension

-Enhancement & filing

-Hand out sheets concerning nail anatomy, diseases, deformities etc to be reviewed at home


Day 1 Practical

-Preparing the natural nail

-Nail Enhancement using tip technique ( preferably on model or else on oneself max 5 fingers)

-Perfect filing

-Application of colored gel


Day 2 Theory

-Expertise on nail forms technique (extension with paper forms)

-French manicure “natural”

-Filing Techniques


Day 2 Practical

-Nail enhancement using paper forms (model required)

-Creating nail enhancement with french manicure “natural”

-Perfect filing technique

-Proper application of french white-We reunite 3 weeks from Day 2 with our model to learn the the basics of the refill  ...


Day 3 Theory

-Describing the refill techniques and rebalancing on the enhancement

-Discussion of model’s nails and address the problems that have occurred-Open discussion and question period of issues experienced by student in the 3 week period-Short test on hand out sheets concerning nail anatomy, diseases, deformities etc that wereto be reviewed at home.


Price for Basic seminar - $850.00 per student


Included in the price:

Work sheets for easy referral

Working materials needed for the course

Certification of attendance

Business Hours


Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Sat-Sun- Closed



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