Nail Technician Courses From Beginners to Experts

How many times has a client held up her phone and asked you for a specific look? 


We at Anton Designs Nail Academy give you the opportunity to learn some of these popular looks plus more. Our certified international alessandro instructor will show you new nail sculpting and nail art techniques. These classes can be customized to your individual needs. Learn some awesome basic tricks that will help you advance. Great potential for increased income!


Anton Designs Nail Academy also can provide you with the necessary tools to go home with. We carry the full range of alessandro professional and retail products. Once you have graduated from the basic training, all products are available to you at professional rates.


Why not learn from the experts at Anton Designs Nail Academy and benefit from their knowledge. Gain the confidence you need in everyday job situations. 


Please feel free to check out our social media sites and magazine all in one place or you can browse our alessandro video page and Blog to learn some valuable tips that you can then put into practise.


SIGN UP NOW at our Montreal west island location and become a master nail technician!



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Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Sat-Sun- Closed



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