Is the French manicure still in style in Montreal?

Many people ask me throughout the week if French manicure is still in style. Hmmm. I like to answer that question with a question... Is the basic black cocktail dress still in style? French nails to me are like that basic black cocktail dress.

It never goes out of fashion. They are both necessary on those occasions where elegant simplicity is necessary. They offer a neutral look that matches practically every occasion. In reality, it's a safe look. And let's not forget the bride. Some brides want to be trendy and try fun, different things for their wedding day. I was one of those girls.

Fast forward years later and I would love to photo shop those ridiculous earrings from my photo! French manicure in photos stand the test of time. They match the elegant moment. Clean, fresh,elegant. The French manicure isn't so much in or out of style but really a style onto itself.

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