Why do we choose low Salon quality over high end Salon services?

I've often walked by shopping mall nail salons that over whelm me with the toxic odours that slip out the entrance. They are usually so bad I worry for the workers in the establishment. I am a nail tech myself and couldn't imagine the toxic toll it must take on the health of the individuals that work full time in an environment such as those. But then my thoughts turn to the clients who choose to get their nails done there.Why?

Why choose places like these when many less toxic, client friendly establishments exist?

I am torn between two possible reasons...

The first reason, which is the most obvious, is price. Clients choose according to what they value the service to be.

What they don't realize is that price comes with a cost. The owners of these establishments buy inferior products to save on overhead, putting the safety of the staff and clients in jeopardy.

The second reason, in my point of view, is ignorance. Better education of the public helps the end consumer to make better choices.

I've talked to clients about the choices they have made in the past and I am flabbergasted by the stories I hear. My favourite reoccurring one is how clients make the effort to choose gel, presuming that is the less toxic choice, paying a little extra for the service.

They end up in my salon because they are not satisfied with the outcome. Reason is most of "those" salons have what I like to call the "fake" gel nails. They charge you a higher sum for "gel" but put cheap acrylic on the base and instead of buffing a shine, they put a finish coat of gel. The client never got the service they originally bought. What clients don't understand is there is a significant increase in the cost of real gel products.

This is the reason gel nails are more expensive. I'd like to educate all the nail clients out there that when you choose a lower price, you are inevitably choosing an inferior product. My not always wise husband told me ... You can have three things but never at the same time. Those are 'fast, cheap, quality'.

He's right (pains me to say:) You can have fast & cheap ... no quality cheap & quality ... not fast fast & quality ... not cheap My question is why be cheap with your health & beauty? I'll ask that every time I walk by those smelly, impersonal salons. They will always exist as long as people ignore the good old saying "You get what you paid for!"

Kim Anton

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